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Im in such paaaaaaaiiiinnn, basically got my wisdom tooth pushing through which has caused an infection. It has stopped constantly hurting for almost 30 hours now!
Im on sooo many painkillers which are not working ;( dentist gave me special mouthwash which will hopfully make it better within the next 24 hours :D

Ah man I really hope I pass the first year of my class, I think I will but not exactly with flying colours. ALTHOUGH thats only because I refuse to jump through the hoops the lecturers are holding, just because I'm not commited to using traditional media and prefer digital is NOT an ok reason to instantly dismiss it as shit >(

As for gym/body ....well gym is going fucking great :) I'm even seeing a definite change in the mirror myself :)
Annnnnd the bad point is that its making me heavier, im up to 11 stone :O although i'm not sure how much is muscle and how much is fat! I just gotta keep well to a decent diet plan for once!! Grrrr its only my damn drinking thats setting me back :'(

SKYPE: this is a really good application I just started using, I talk to a friend I made from Russia on it. I really enjoy learning about the different culture from the veiw point of a Russian who is also my age, it is VERY interesting to how similar we are and shows that the world is much more connected/linked than I thought.

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Well I finally finnished my loaded image project :D which means I dont have to be "taught" by that fucking idiot of a teacher untill next year!! YESS!!!

And the good news is that Im now doing a narrative illustration project which is exactly the type of work I want to do in the "real world", so I guess its time to shine..although I havn't really put *much* effort in yet.


My routine of keeping a log book has paid off, I am making gains almost everytime I work that muscle compared to last time I worked it. Also I am now able to do 12 pullups in a row instead of my 8 in a row compared to a few weeks ago, yay XD XD. It's weird because I've had quite a few comments from people and still do get comments about how much broader and stronger I look...havn't noticed it *that* much myself but oh well I must be getting stronger since I'm able to lift heavier weights compared to a month ago.

Weight wise Im doing terrible! :/ I've ballooned to a huge 11 stone!! It's all this drinking and eating doing it, even after the gym I'll go out for *~one* drink and end up being out all night, then to top it off I'll gorge myself on food in my drunken state, grrr!! Badly need to learn to control this alcahol addiction!! My abs wont even think of showing themselves if I dont lose weight!!!! Fucking frustrating!!

Haha didnt even attend class in uni today and worked on my project in photoshop in a different classrooom instead, stupid Dean kept me up ALL night snoring, jeez! I must have thrown bowles and pillows at his head and it still didnt stop him!! This is why he gets on my nerves sometimes, will probly need a break from him, also I seem to drink a lot when im with him too :/

Thinking of "starving" myself tonight, so far today Ive eaten 1)ham sandwhich 2)some haribo 3)small bowl of curry + 2 veg samosa's, and that was all befor 2pm, its now 5 and Im getting hungry, grrr I will NOT eat any more today!!!
In fact I think I will drink coffee/smoke/do a killer abs workout at home....even though I know I should be doing work I just know I'll leave it tomorrow and promise myself to get a lot done later...

Saying that I got tomorrow off (well im just not turning up this time for a measly 2 hours and also spending 5£ for the train ticket) because I'm meeting amy after the gym, then bringing her back her for the day. Hopfully *try* and get a painting done and maybe some research!

Any LJ I think I've babbled enough to make a decent come back entry, till next time!


Really. Good. Movie.

Not as good as I was expecting but definitly a great great film :D Also as a plus, to watch in 3D is a must if you want the action to seem real because I've seen some 2D at work and it doesnt seem as good. (duh)

Lets update again!
And to not let this jourmal die completly (again). Quick update.meat

Amsterdam was expensive as fuck! Everything cost basically double, and I'm not kidding, to live comfortably there I would expect to need about 100 euros for each day. And to top it all off they charge about a fiver for a beer but it's tradition to leave almost half the beer as head (foam) as it "keeps in the flavour", if they did this in England they would be fired or beaten up lol.

I've kicked myself up the arse for going to the gym (apart from tyhe past 4-5 days as it was shut for xmas) but yeah I've been going five times a week for a three week period basically just for muscle and have seen some changes in strenght because of it! Yay I got through my plataeu! :D
So when I start going back (opens tuesday in two days) I will go back to my five days a week but focus on less reps but higher weights just to shock my muscle into doing somthing with itself again.

I've been vegitarian for a few weeks now, obviously I had some turkey xmas day (only a small bit) and some meat xmas eve, but apart from that I dont know when I'm going to stop being vegi. My reasons for doing so? Just to lose weight and try and be healthier. A friend at uni talked me into it. (well at least trying it out)

Just to let you know I'm still alive..
and to not let this jourmal die completly. Quick update.

One. love uni apart from the boring work projects we have been given.
two. got a goddam great month of not working after today as I am using the rest of my months holiday time in one go before it gets deleted off the system in jan.
Three. Here is a little practice I did in photoshop.

So I've just finnished day three of Uni, and I have to say I'm starting to like it more and more!! =D
So basically the course seems good and proper, it's all been inductions so far with a trip to London today which was pretty boring tbh, and I forgot to take the bloody camera!! Not that it matters as I dont think you're allowed them in the V&A.
Also, who has started my course over than low-and-behold Abi, the total bitch who started rumuours about me five years ago that are STILL going around and ruining my life.
BUT, I made a stand, I spoke to her.

me - Lets just make up, I dont want to be giving eachother evil looks from across the room for two years.
Her - Adam I wouldn't give you an evil look

Turns out, she's commpletly different now, she's been off all drugs for two years, and amazingly, isn't a bitch. She even gave me a lift home!! WTF, she was my worst enemy for five years! FIVE YEARS!!!
This is a testimony, people can change, and whats great is that I actually want to get to know her. :)

Anyway, half day tomorrow, then meeting Amy and Stuart in Maidstone for drinks and such, then maybe a film of some sort?

Writer's Block: As the Cookie Crumbles
If you ran the fortune cookie factory, what message would you make sure gets put in a cookie?

"you are your experiences"

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As of monday the 24th of auggust, I will find out if my mum has breast cancer. She found the lump a few days ago and the earliest appointment she could find was monday instead of six weeks (thanks shitty medway hospital)
Also Amy has been having her own medical problems in the form of a cyst in her lady parts, she's refusing to go to the hospital untill its gets to the worst it can because of the bad service she got from the hospital last time she had it. (tbh if they did their job of draining it properly the first time she wouldn't have had it again)

She is in so much pain now apparently its even painfull to sit up, well, I will go see her today since I'm not at work.

Why am I such an arsehole, I tried coke the other night, for the third time, and this time it actually had a effect.

Over and out.


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Two nights ago I tried anal with Amy, it was awesome.


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